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Run & Chug

Creating community though running and social gatherings

Capstone Project

Exploring strategies for orchestrating a cohesive group, mapping out itineraries, attracting new members, and fostering the development of friendships.

The running group application I created provides a complete solution for monitoring running and walking routes. Packed with various features, users can effortlessly track, initiate, and conclude their routes. They can also access current and past route statistics to monitor their advancement towards their running objectives. The user interface is designed with an intuitive flow, ensuring convenient access to all functionalities. The app boasts a user-friendly interface, promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Style Guide

To create an engaging visual experience for the run group application, I selected fun and playful images with bright colors. The group's logo served as the inspiration for the primary colors of the app, and I found that a green hue was a suitable complement to the blue.

mood board.png

Regarding font selection, I opted for Oswald for the app titles, aligning with its usage in the logo. This decision was made to maintain visual consistency across the application. For the body text, I chose Nunito due to its rounded edges, adding a friendly and approachable touch to the design. The amalgamation of these font choices, coupled with playful images and vibrant colors, effectively cultivates a welcoming and engaging user experience for the run group application.

Design Process

I initiated the project by consulting with the local run group to gather insights into their preferences for the application. During the meeting, I identified two primary challenges faced by the group: the need for a seamless process to create and share routes each week and the desire to attract new members. Subsequently, I formulated a wireframe and user flow to provide a clear visualization of the application's design. The wireframe acted as a reference point throughout the design phase, ensuring an intuitive user experience. After finalizing the wireframe, I proceeded to develop the application, incorporating features specifically requested by the local run group, such as the ability to create and share routes and a feature designed to attract new members. Rigorous testing was conducted throughout the development to guarantee the application's functionality and alignment with the group's requirements. Continuous feedback from the local run group was actively sought and implemented to enhance both the design and functionality of the application.

The journey from sketch to Hifi.


HiFI Design 

In crafting a hospitable ambiance for the running application, I chose a lighthearted icon design and embraced a straightforward, friendly aesthetic. My intention was to eliminate any sense of intimidation, particularly recognizing that running can be perceived as a daunting activity by many. The incorporation of playful icons and a welcoming aesthetic was aimed at cultivating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for users. This design approach aligns seamlessly with the group's overarching objective of nurturing an inclusive and welcoming community of runners, ensuring that everyone feels at ease and included.

Lamplight Mobile Systems2.png
Lamplight Mobile Systems1.png
Lamplight Mobile Systems.png
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